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Imaging the Eclipse: Summer 2017 Workshop Series

Workshop 1: Bob Baer, Solar Filters and Eclipse Imaging Basics.  Location: SIU Craft Shop. Thursday, July 6, 6 p.m.  Cost $10.  Supplies Included. Register online at:

This workshop was originally held over the spring 2017 semester and is being repeated due to demand. This is an introductory workshop for those interested in imaging the partial or total solar eclipse.  Participants will build a safe solar filter for your own telescope / camera during this workshop. 

Please bring the camera / lens / telescope you intend to image the eclipse.

We will start by looking at the following: 
What can you image during a solar eclipse? 
What types of cameras can you use?
When do you need a solar filter?
Building a solar filter.
How to practice imaging.

Workshop 2: Bob Baer, The Citizen CATE (Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse) Experiment: Imaging the 2016 TSE in Indonesia. Location and time TBD.  More information on the Citizen CATE Experiment.


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