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News and Events -  Computational Materials Physics Group at SIU Carbondale

  • April 2014 - Congratulations Jaime!!, the First PhD defended from the Computatonal Materials Physics Group at SIU Carbondale. (Thushari Jayasekera co-chaired Jaime's Thesis Committee with Prof. Mark Byrd). Jaime's PhD thesis is on "Phonon Engineering of Low-Dimensional Nanostructures for Thermoelectric Applications".
  • March 2014 - Workshop on Symmetry Prof. Alan Schoen gave a memorable guest lecture to the Group Members and students in the Solid State Physics Class.
- High Performance Computer Simulations to understand the properties of materials are possible only because they are highly complemented by the symmetry of the materials and application of group theory.
    Prof. Schoen is one of the pioneers of some symmetry groups in crystallography.We were fortunate to have  him talked to us about symmetry.  We learnt that, wonderful inventions come out from dedicated work. His work is absolutely fascinating!! His geometric puzzles are challenging!! On top of every thing, his talk was full of stories about legendary scientists and his wonderful expereinces...  Following pictures speak about our experience in this wonderful work shop. Thank you so much Prof. Schoen !!

  • March 2014 - We were at APS, Denver Colorado !!!

- Three Presentations (byJaime, Hansika and Erika) at APS March Meeting. Great Job Guys! Many Congratulations !!! Let's work hard for more results!!
- Thushari Jayasekera chaired a session, A 37: Epitaxial Graphene on SiC.
- Thushari Jayasekera also co-organized the graphene focus session (co-organized with Dr. Kurt Gaskill from Naval Research Laboratory), Also Many Thanks to Dr. Zak Robinson for Major supports thorugh out.

  • January 2014 - Female Undergraduate Students attended Midwest CuWiP Thushari Jayasekera and April Hendley attended the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at University of Chicago, with two undergraduate Students, Juliana Richie and Hilary Packard. Juliana Richie presented a poster on her research done on "Characterization of Graphene", which was carried out under the guidance of Prof. S. Talapatra. The group acknowledges the travel support through Center for Undergraduate Research and the Department of Physics at SIU Carbondale.
  • December 2013 - APS Abstract Sorting Thushari Jayasekera attended the Abstract Sorting Meeting for APS March Meeting at American Institute for Physics at College Park MD.... Fantastic Experience!!! Many Thanks to Dr. Zak Robinson (NRL) and Dr. Masha Ishigami (Central Florida) not only for making it successful, but also for making it a fun experience. Hope we get to sort abstratcts together again....
  • November 2013 - Vsiting University of North Texas Thushari Jayasekera was invited to give a Seminar at the Department of Physics, University of North Texas. She spent 3 days with the group Prof.  M. B. Nardelli. Very productive time. Thanks Marco!!
  • November 2013 - Congratulations to Hansika and Jaime for their first Publication  Link

Ge cages at the SiC/graphene interface: A first principles calculation
Hansika Sirikumara, Jaime Bohorquez, Thushari Jayasekera

Abstract: Using the first principles density functional theory calculations, we investigated the effect of Ge atoms on the electronic and structural properties of epitaxial graphene on the Si-face of SiC. We considered both the substituted Ge atoms and intercalated multilayers of Ge at the interface. Starting with Ge3 clusters, we introduce one to six monolayers (ML) of Ge at the interface. Our first-principles density functional theory (DFT) calculations find that, when there are more than four ML, the periodicity of the most stable atomistic configuration of Ge atoms in between the buffer layer and the SiC substrate is influenced by the periodicity of the substrate underneath, as well as the periodicity of the honeycomb array of C atoms on the top. Two distinct Ge cages are formed which are merged in to each other. As a result of the intercalation, the buffer layer decouples from the substrate converting it to graphene. Within the scope of our calculations, we found electron-doped graphene with Ge intercalation.

  • October 2013 - Free Lunch Physics Ladies !! Physics Department genorously sponsors a Women's lunch. This is the second of such annual events. It was wonderful to chit-chat with girls in Physics. We also spent few minuites to talk about future opportunities for female physicists, upcoming women's conference, getting involved in undergraduate research etc. Thanks to Erika Putz and Hilary Packard for organizing this event. 
August 2012 - July 2013

  • April 2013 - Congratulations Erika!!! Erika Putz won the first place at the SIU Undergraduate Research Symposium. She presented her results from High Performance Computer Simulations on "Band Engineering of graphene by controlled chemical doping". Way to go Erika!! Thanks for making us proud!!!
August 2011 - July 2012

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