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Physics and Fun with Clicks
(This page is currently maintained by  Thushari Jayasekera)

  • Teaching Philosophy in a Nutshell   Here
  • How do we make the Teaching and Learning process simpler and entertaining Here
  • Computers in STEM education - We should not re-invent the wheel Here
  • Physics and Fun with Clicks - Current Course Content Here
  • Acknowledgement Here
Teaching Philosophy in a Nutshell

Nothing is Complicated... If you feel what you do is complicated, you may be making some mistakes.....
Nothing can be complicated....... Nature is Simple......

As physics educators, it is our duty to make the art of looking at natural things simpler and joyful. Our goal is to make the new generation fascinated by the nature, help them base their knowledge to explore ways to save the natural resources and to use those resources to make our lives better.
Teaching and learning process should be an equally entertaining human interaction for both the students and the instructors.

How do we make the teaching/learning process simple and entertaining?

Today's student is interested and well in touch with technology. To make the art of learning simple and enjoyable, we must bring this interest in to class to facilitate teaching. I am fascinated by the idea of "Computers in STEM Education".

"We should not re-invent the wheel, Yet, we need to know how to create a wheel, which is already invented".

 Lot of work has been done in the field of "Computers for STEM Education" and there are lot of computer applications available
; for example PhET and Compadre -open source physics). Open Source Physics (hosted by compadre) uses Easy Java Simulations. Easy Java Simulations is a tool box set for the scientists, who do not wnat to write lot of Java codes, yet are interested in creating simulations to see the connection between physics class and nature.
Mathematica CDF player is another great resource for creating interactive applications for facilitate teaching/learning. 

It is very useful to have complete set of course materials with these computer applications embedded in them.
It is even more useful for the student (especially in upper level classes), if they can open the source code and modify it.

This is the scope of this webpage: "Physics and Fun with Clicks": bring selected existing resources into class, and get the stundents engaged in exploring those activities. I also want to get the students engaged in creating new simulations. In particular, eventually, I want this web page to be driven by upper-level students.

This webpage is still at initial stage.  In my current course materials, I am  including the applications from PhETOpen Source Physics, and Mathematica

Physics and Fun with Clicks

This webpage, "Physics and Fun with Clicks" is maintained  to bring the "Computers in STEM Education" in to class. Please note that, this is an ongoing project: new materials will be added to the page as I get to teach new classes (or as I get time to develop new materials).

Suggestions are always welcome; Please send me an email.
Current Course Content:
  • Undegraduate Classical Mechanics  - PHYS 310 (in collaboration with Dr. Poopalasingam Sivakumar at Delaware State University) Link
  • Graduate Quantum Mechanics (PHYS 530B) Link
  • Undergraduate Solid State Physics (PHYS 425) Link
  • Graduate Solid State Physics (PHYS 565) Link
  • Group Theory in Solid State Physics Link
  • Dr. Tony Andrady (for seeding the idea of this project in my brain)
  • Dr. Bruce Mason (Director of Compadre for useful discussions)
  • AAPT workshop on "Building a thriving physics program"
  • AAPT New Faculty Workshop Organizers and Dr. Bruce Mason, Dr. Wolfgang Christian, Dr. Mario Baloni, Dr. Michael Dubson  and all other speakers.

Thushari Jayasekera, Assistant Professor of Physics, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
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