Quantum Computing
Group at

Southern Illinois

Physics Department
Southern Illinois University
Cabondale, Illinois 62901-4401

Fax 618-453-1056
Teleportation circuit

We now have funding for graduate students and a postdoc to join our group! Please contact Mark Byrd for further information.

The Quantum Computing Group at Southern Illinois University has the following members at this time, with the following contact information:


Mark Byrd
Physics Department
Department of Computer Science
email address: mbyrd at physics (dot) siu (dot) edu

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Yong-Cheng Ou

Graduate Students:

Allen Bishop

Melique Hoover

Wang Zhao-Ming

Nayeli Zuniga-Hansen

Yu-Chieh Chi




Some of our favorite journals:

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Last updated July 4, 2006.
Mark S. Byrd(mbyrd(at or near)physics(dot)siu(dot)edu)